About Us

1. Company information

San-en Fireworks Co., Ltd. (“三遠煙火株式会社”) makes and fires fireworks. Since 1952, the company has offered various kinds of fireworks in Japan. We also provide technical support for organizers hosting fire shows where traditional “fireworks to hold by an arm” (“tezutsu-hanabi”) are used. Nowadays the opportunities to use Japanese fireworks are spreading to other countries, e.g. China, Thailand and Germany.

The office and the factory of San-en Fireworks are located in Kosai City, Shizuoka prefecture (map). In this mid-mainland area of Japan fireworks are used at various occasions such as summer and autumn festivals. Fireworks displays are often created for family celebrations, including marriages, births, and 60-year-old celebrations. We are proud of providing high quality fireworks for our local customers.

2. Our policy

We are located in the western area of Shizuoka (former Enshu 遠州) and the eastern area of Aichi (Mikawa 三河) where fireworks are popular attractions, including the unique hand-held fireworks.

Our products and displays proudly promote local culture and tourism. Besides supporting organizers who hold the events, we continuously attract audiences to our fireworks shows by providing high quality products.

Our highest priority is safety. In addition to obeying the safety regulations throughout the production processes, we ensure the safest means for using our products. Using computer programming for electric sparkling and to control of firings enabled us to display our fireworks more safely.

In addition we require all assistants who set up for events to take annual safety courses and special training before summer. Fortnightly safety meetings are also held for our staff. Our safety manager also stays up to date with the latest scientific information on gunpowder.

3. A history of the company

A former company of San-en Fireworks was founded in Kosai in November 1952 with a capital of 12.6 m JPY. Thanks to a dry and windy climate especially in winter, the place is suitable for preparing fireworks.

At the beginning the company mainly produced toy (hand-held) fireworks. The production scale at this time was relatively small, and there were a total of 10 working cottages and warehouses in the facility. In 1954, the company was reformed as a stock company San-en Fireworks Co., Ltd. The first president of this company was the same as the founder, Shozo Oguchi.

In 1955, the main products of the factory were switched from toys to fireworks for shooting. The staff in the factory at the time had increased to 8. In 1963, a new factory with a total of 29 cottages was built at the present location. In 2000, our current president Tomoyoshi Oguchi took over the post.